Karmine Leather

Our Story

Ray Borda is the founder of Karmine Leather. After successfully expanding his kangaroo meat processing company in to the Australian and world-wide landscape, Ray felt it was time to explore his love for the leather and diversify his business to create his own leather products, using the kangaroo skins as a by-product of the main business. Ray’s main customer base use premium kangaroo meat in restaurants and home cooking, so it made sense that he used the kangaroo skins, to create a range of quality leather aprons and other luxury items for the hospitality industry and the home.

Ray named the brand after his late mother Karmine, who was a keen seamstress and enjoyed cooking delicious but humble food for her family. Ray, was one of five children and a natural entrepreneur who has pioneered the Australian Kangaroo Meat industry for over 30 years. Ray has spent years inventing, improving and forever exploring new business opportunities.