Deluxe Leather Apron Made In Australia

Show family and guests that you're the king or queen of all things culinary by wearing this deluxe kitchen apron made of 100% quality Australian leather.

  • Wipes Clean In Seconds
  • Adjustable Neck Straps To Reduce Pressure
  • Lightweight & Comfy
  • Adjustable Neck Straps To Reduce Pressure
  • Water & Heat Resistant
  • Choose Antique Brass Or Nickel Plate Hardware
  • Adjustable Belt For Perfect Fit

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Brett C.

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Rated 4.9 based on 1,000+ reviews

The Luxurious Apron Is An Excellent
Gift For Your Favourite Cook!

This Deluxe Leather Apron ...

  • Wipes Clean In Seconds
  • Feels Lightweight & Comfy
  • Water & Heat Resistant
  • Adjusts To Your Desired Pressure
  • Comes With Antique Brass Or Nickel Plate Hardware
  • Fits Perfectly With An Adjustable Belt
  • Can Be Personalised With Your Name
  • Has A Pocket Large Enough For An A5 Notebook
  • Proudly Made In South Australia

Our aprons are as authentic as the chef wearing them because each hide is unique with
variations in markings, leather colours, and materials.

Measurements & Shipping

All aprons are the same dimensions 87.5cm height x 72cm wide Belt Sizes: S: 22cm, M: 34cm, L: 46cm, XL: 58cm.

Free shipping for all Australian orders.

5-Star Reviews

The quality of this luxurious apron has already won over the hearts of many. We want you to become our next satisfied customer.

Fast Delivery

Expect your Personalized apron to arrive 7 to 14 days after making the purchase.

100% Genuine Leather

All of our leather is ethically and sustainably sourced from kangaroos right here in Australia.

Here's What Our Customers Are Saying ...

“These are by far the best aprons I have ever used for cooking. They protect from heat, are easy to wash off all of the mess I make and they are beyond stylish. Plus they are sustainable and ethically made.“


Rebecca S ( Verified Customer )

"I‘m delighted with my new apron. The quality is as expected."


Carolyn C ( Verified Customer )

"just received this apron and I am thrilled with the quality and the look of it. thanks so much karmine!"


Megan M ( Verified Customer )


Rated 4.9 based on 1,000+ reviews

Authentic Karmine aprons are ideal for the kitchen
and anyone else who needs to protect their
clothes from getting dirty.


All of our products are all artfully handcrafted in our workshop located in South Australia. Kangaroo leather is uniquely Australian and we want to maintain that throughout manufacturing. We are proud to be able to work with so many local suppliers to source materials to be created into our leather products. Controlling the entire supply chain, we ensure that from paddock to product our products remain close to nature and ensuring our leather goods are environmentally sustainable. You can read more about our story in the ‘About Us’ page.

All our products are designed to showcase the superior properties of kangaroo leather being lightweight, strong and resistant to stains. Each piece has its own markings representing the life of a wild animal and these naturally occurring imperfections create a unique and authentic product. Given Kangaroos are wild, the life of the animal is found in the hide through marks and scarring from insect bites, thorns, fences, fights with other animals, as well as wrinkles, pores and pigments. However, we advise that care be taken to protect leather from sharp objects or abrasive surfaces that may leave an unnatural mark on your product. To clean, just wipe with a soft damp cloth which will erase most marks. Heavy pooled oil or ink will penetrate through the leather leaving a stain. Please note that leather cannot be machine washed or dried as damage will result. If the suede side of the hide is displayed on your product, avoid products that can cause stains as the suede side is not resistant unlike the leather side. A soft bristle brush can be used on the suede side only to wipe away dried grime. All products are treated with an upholstery protector but may require additional applications as repellency varies with wear. Creases may appear on your product which will fall out once worn. If creases remain, gently iron on a low setting using your Karmine Leather dust bag provided or cotton pillowcase. Never use an iron directly on the leather or leave the iron on one spot for long periods as damage may result. Never use steam when ironing leather items. Over time, your Karmine Leather product will gain the character of its owner and as such, should be handled with care.

We are happy to create custom made products especially for your individual or business requirements. Whether it be a customised logo or amendments to design to better suit your needs such as a chest or waist pocket to store your tools, we want your KARMINE LEATHER product to be your most valued accessory. If you wish to discuss customising products please contact us via email to discuss your ideas. Bespoke orders may take up to 8 weeks depending on intricacies of design and availability of materials but will often be made quicker than this.

If you have fallen in love with one of our products and do not reside in Australia, we are happy to that we offer international shipping, just follow the steps through the cart and shipping will be calculated for you in the checkout.

For any other enquiries, please contact us via email.

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