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This Deluxe Leather Apron ...

Our aprons are as authentic as the chef wearing them because each hide is unique with variations in markings, leather colours, and materials.


All aprons are the same dimensions 87.5cm height x 72cm wide Belt Sizes: S: 22cm, M: 34cm, L: 46cm, XL: 58cm


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All of our leather is ethically and sustainably sourced from kangaroos right here in Australia.

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Authentic Karmine aprons are ideal for the kitchen and anyone else who needs to protect their clothes from getting dirty.

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our products are all artfully handcrafted in our workshop located in South Australia.

Kangaroo leather is uniquely Australian and we want to maintain that throughout manufacturing. We are proud to be able to work with so many local suppliers to source materials to be created into our leather products. Controlling the entire supply chain, we ensure that from paddock to product our products remain close to nature and ensuring our leather goods are environmentally sustainable.
All aprons are the same dimensions:
87.5cm height x 72cm wide.

You can select your adjustable belt length:
S: 22cm, M: 34cm, L: 46cm, XL: 58cm
We offer laser engraving to personalise your apron. You can add a name to the waistband and/or add a logo to the apron bib (chest). You can upload your logo when placing your order.

***Please note laser engraved personalisation will not show up as well on chocolate brown and black leather and will appear more subtle than lighter colours***
To clean, just wipe with a soft damp cloth which will erase most marks. Aprons are treated with an upholstery protector but may require additional applications as repellency varies with wear. The suede side is not resistant like the leather side. A soft bristle brush can be used on the suede side only to wipe away dried grime. Heavy pooled oil or ink will penetrate through the leather leaving a stain, so care must be taken.

Please note that leather cannot be machine washed or dried as damage will result.

Creases may appear on your product which will fall out once worn. If creases remain, apron can be gently ironed on a low setting using your Karmine Leather dust bag provided or cotton pillowcase. Never use an iron directly on the leather or leave the iron on one spot for long periods as damage may result. Never use steam when ironing leather items.

Over time, your Karmine Leather product will gain the character of its owner and as such, should be handled with care.