Karmine Leather

About Us

Why Kangaroo Leather?

Designed and made in Australia, Karmine uses 100% sustainably sourced kangaroo leather. Kangaroo leather is the strongest and lightest natural leather available, making it comfortable and exceptionally durable. These characteristics and Karmine Leather’s attention to detail and quality craftsmanship, makes KL products truly unique and long-lasting.

Karmine Kangaroo Leather is:


Made from sustainably and ethically sourced kangaroo leather.

Kangaroos are harvested using the most stringent ethical and environmentally sustainable processes that provide all Australians with superior, pure and ethical products. Kangaroos produce a high quality meat that is primarily used for food, the kangaroo leather is a by-product of the kangaroo meat industry, ensuring nothing is wasted.

As kangaroos are truly free roaming animals, the leather used in Karmine products has its own markings representing the life of the wild animal and making each product unique and individual just like its owner. No two pieces are the same.

Our Story

Ray Borda is the founder of Karmine Leather. After successfully expanding his kangaroo meat processing company in to the Australian and world-wide landscape, Ray felt it was time to explore his love for the leather and diversify his business to create his own leather products, using the kangaroo hides as a by-product of the main business. Ray’s main customers use his premium kangaroo meat in restaurants and home cooking, so it made sense that he used the kangaroo skins, to create a range of quality leather aprons and other luxury items for work and the home.

Ray named the brand after his late mother who was a keen seamstress and enjoyed cooking delicious but humble food for her family. Ray, was one of five children and a natural entrepreneur who has pioneered the Australian kangaroo meat industry for over 30 years. Ray has spent years inventing, improving and forever exploring new business opportunities. We hope you love our Australian made leather products, created by a small team of local craftspeople in our Adelaide workshop.